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Since 2002, Fedi Forma has released dozens of CD-Rs by Lyd and his friends. These releases have always been printed in editions of around 50 copies, and given away freely.

Since printing CD-Rs is a huge hassle (cutting and pasting covers by hand, and burning to a format that is ultimately destructable), Fedi Forma releases will from now on be presented as downloads on Bandcamp.

Economics allowing, some albums will be printed on vinyl. These will be available on for purchase. Your kind donation or purchase will be used for future vinyl releases, so show your support!

You an buy the vinyl through discogs.com or stream and buy on the bands Bandcamp pages.

See a full list over Fedi Forma records releases here.

2012 on Twitter

2012rockets Vi fikk sabla mye spalteplass i Sophus' sin andre bok om Kristiansands Rock historie. For de som har lyst på et soundtrack, eksisterer nå dette beistet:) 21 år med hjemmeopptak, 65 låter fordelt på tre gjennomsiktige vinyl plater, og limitert til 101 eksemplarer.