Sorveiv music festival Norway 2014

Loads of great alternative, indie and rock bands on the Sørveiv 2014 festival.

In the same genre as more famous By:Larm in Oslo; the Sørveiv festival in Southern Norway futures new and upcoming bands that you probably will see at the major European festivals in 2015. But when big brother By:Larm focuses on breaking already famous Scandinavian music to European stages, Sørveiv futures smaller and more independent bands from Scandinavia and beyond. We like it - cause we love indierock!

Here are some of our favorites from the 2014 lineup:

Pale Honey from Sweden does a great job with their straightforward rock. White Stripes would be proud! 

For us SlutFace from Stavanger, Norway, sounds like Breeders with a ska approach. We like it!


Dark and desperate rock from Get Your Gun (Aalborg, Denmark).


The new wave of Bergen is here. And one of the ingredients is Junk Machine. Charming good ol' indierock.


Some surf rock (or surf grunge) from Sweden; Toi let.


Less Win, indierock from Denmark - the Danish indierock vikings are really doing good the last years!


Finally some prog! Aiming for Enrike, saw them at the Måkeskrik festival - wonder where they are now...


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